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Affiliate FAQ’s

1. Do I have to spend any money to become an affiliate? {Become an Affiliate}
No, there is no financial obligation needed to start selling Conscious Curls and tracking your sales. All you need to do is fill out the application and provide your tax info.

2. If I purchase a tier package can I start with any lengths and textures? {Purchase your Package and fill out the necessary forms}
The hair available in the tier packages is 12-18 inches only. Closures, frontals, and hair are available in every texture option if in stock.

3. How do I know which tier option is best for me?
Select your tier based on the amount of extension volume you already get, customer demand for hair, and what you can afford. Note* the tiers help promote your new endeavor with the resources offered.

4. What if I have issues with the hair?
All hair can be replaced within 10 days after use. Hair must be returned and can not be chemical processed.

5. What information will be provided in the 1 hour skype included with tier 1?
The Skype session is customizable for each affiliate. Based on your weaknesses with retail or extensions, Angela will provide a questionnaire before the training to find out what needs to be discussed.

6. Why do I need to fill out a W9?
We need these documents to legally keep track of your payments.

7. What if I want to upgrade my tier package?
You would have to re order the full package. Money cannot be applied to a higher tier later.